Waze announced this Wednesday (29): The voice of singer Pabllo Vittar is available in the applicationprovides guidance and traffic tips for those looking for the best routes. The new feature is one of the initiatives launched by the service to celebrate LGBTQIA+ pride month, which is celebrated in June.

According to platform, The user can get instructions during the route passing through some roads. The most famous slogans of the artist. One of them is the “Security, security” meme, which originated when he asked security to stop the fight at one of his shows.

“Let’s get started? Drive safely, or rather drive safely, safely,” the new Waze voice says when activated, indicating it’s ready guide the driver. In another section he gives further instructions and praises the driver: “Keep right. You drive well, don’t you Mona? I am beige.

The Traffic app has also introduced other settings related to the Pabllo Vittar partnership. It is possible to enable the “Stunning” mood by customizing the way the user is seen by others on the platform and change the car icon to “TropiCar”a reference to the album Tropical Beat Volume 2.

How to use Pabllo Vittar’s voice in Waze?

If you want to buy Waze instructions with the voice of Pabllo Vittar follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and tap the three bars icon on the home screen;
  2. Go to settings”;
  3. Tap “Voice & audio” and select “Sounds”;
  4. Select and enable “Portuguese (BR) – Pabllo Vittar”.

After the procedure is completed, guidance on the routes will be broadcast in the singer’s voice the next time you use the service. please take note of this The new feature is available to all users in both the Android application and iOS version..

In addition to Vittar, Many other audio options on Waze will be activated whenever you wantin addition to the possibility of recording your own voice. Mc Fioti, Gil do Vigor, Fábio Porchat, Ivete Sangalo, Christina Aguilera and Arnold Schwarzenegger are some of the names that have become announcers in the application.

Source: Tec Mundo

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