According to NASA experts, after further failures, the Boeing Starliner space capsule has become unusable. The “post-capsule” was installed on the ice in the hull, as a result of which we lost a miss on the ISS.

In addition, at today’s press conference, Boeing and NASA said that the launch is still happening – even despite the leak. And this is a series of recent scandals at Boeing, revealed by its technical awe of its aircraft. Our partners gave permission to NASA. One of the leaders of the program, Steve Stich, said that the team made it “concrete, concrete, so it is measured 100 times.”

Starliner’s final launch took place 6 months ago and has not yet been released. At the moment, the equipment is not included in the ship. Cylinder lock on the Atlas V racket. Technology based on 28 maneuverable Starliners.

One reason to leave everything as is is the difficulty of replacing a faulty seal due to a given factory condition system and then retesting it. However, this “economy” category is already under consideration for Boeing’s moves. This will be the result and award of aviation anxiety.

Source: Tech Cult

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