Japan’s Toshiba, one of the world’s most traditional tech companies, announced Tuesday (21) A new Smart TV series in Brazil. The models have 4K resolution in sizes ranging from 32 to 75 inches and technologies such as QLED.

All the devices released come equipped with the VIDAA operating system from China’s Hisense, offering quick access to streams, two voice command options, and remote control with an artificial intelligence for scenario optimization. HE “game mode” It reduces input lag and promises “superior visuals and responsive gameplay”.

Toshiba TB009M 75 inch 4K DLED Smart TV

The 75 inch Smart TV 4K TB009M is the largest option offered by Toshiba. DLED technology means that the LEDs used to illuminate the screen are located behind the LCD panel, providing even illumination, better contrast, greater durability and energy savings.

At the suggested price of BRL 6,699.00this model offers 15 WRMS rated power in each of the two speakers, as well as images with more consistent colors.

Toshiba TBO15M 65 inch QLED 4K Smart TV

The TBO15M features quantum dot QLED technology.

If DLED TVs bring more consistency, the TBO15M display’s QLED technology brings richer colors: According to the manufacturer’s website, Quantum Dots (quantum dots) offer over a billion realistic hues. The suggested price of the model is R$ 5,499.

According to Toshiba, it’s also possible to purchase other sizes of 4K and 4K QLED devices on physical and virtual shelves. Including 50, 55 and 65 inches, prices range from R$3,399 to R$5,499.

All models can be purchased from major retailers in Brazil as well as on the website of Multi, Toshiba’s Brazilian partner company.

Source: Tec Mundo

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