SDEK announced the restoration of the ability to track packages on the website. Following a large-scale technical failure, this functionality was unavailable for several days.

SDEK has restored the ability to track packages on the website after a failure

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“The SDEK company continues to work to restore full customer service. The package tracking function has now been resumed. The customer must enter the postal shipment number in the tracking field,” the delivery service said in a statement.

It should be noted that the company is still loading data into the system, so there may be delays in viewing new packages and changing their status. Currently, there are two months of information available.

Once the package arrives at the collection point, the customer can receive it independently or by courier.

SDEK is gradually restoring its services following a large-scale technical failure on May 26. SDEK cited a malfunction in computing power as the cause of the problem.

On the night of May 28, the international hacker group Head Mare claimed responsibility for disruptions to SDEK’s work. On May 29, the service announced a partial restoration of the site. On May 30, the service began to issue all packages located at the collection points.


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