The French non-profit association SIREMS has launched the non-commercial operation of the Kairos three-wheeled motorcycle. In the car, they implemented the idea of ​​transport designer Mati Lopito, who proposed two unique systems that ensure driver and passenger safety on the road.

In fact, three-wheeled cars are equipped without four wheels. Non-franchises do not need to respect the Kairos, which are useful to us when turning corners occur. This is not only the role of the driving wheels in the rear part of the structure and transfer, but also the r s s s s s s s

Kairos Trek

These wedge-shaped panels are cloned in all cases, for example when the car enters a corner. Full MLE magazines allow contact with your machine, such as an external counterweight. In addition, if Kairos does begin to collapse, the MLE will prevent a complete capsize. This element is also used for stockings – to absorb part of the impact energy.

The entire system is based on software isolation of the PRD restraint device. We are talking about a wedge-shaped stump, which the driver slightly squeezes while driving. Before the wolf reaches the bud, he is tense, filled with inertia, like the driver’s forward thrusts. This is how the device was changed, PRD of the rear wheels from the roads.

At the SIREMS association, Philippe Girardi said that Kairos plans to launch this demo version in 2025. It will be released tomorrow in 2028. The highest price for small children costs less than 30,000 euros.

Kairos Trek

Source: Tech Cult

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