The assistant can evaluate what is happening on the screen and understand the context, suggest winning tactics in the game, analyze the player’s mistakes or assist with complex creative tasks.

Project G-Assist was announced at Computex 2024. It receives voice or text commands from the player, as well as contextual information from the screen, and runs this data through computer vision models.

These models improve contextual awareness and understanding of application features related to the game’s knowledge base. Ultimately, the system produces a personalized response in the form of text or speech.

For example, an assistant can suggest tactics against the game boss, suggest the solution to a puzzle, or tell you how to create or find a particular game item. For fans of competitive games, G-Assist will help you analyze the demo after the match and analyze mistakes and the game as a whole, like a coach.

Project G-Assist can also tune the player’s gaming system for optimal performance and efficiency.

Source: Ferra

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