Users report that Gemini behaves strangely in some conversations. According to posts shared on Reddit, Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot responds to repetitive phrases, strange characters, and even unnecessary jargon in inappropriate contexts.

The reason for this is still a mystery, but it is a classic symptom of an AI hallucination. Instead of offering coherent answers and resolving the user’s doubt or request, Google Assistant starts offering disconnected or repetitive answers.

In one of the examples shared on Reddit, a user demonstrated that the chatbot had basically “gone crazy.” The response to the request starts well, but soon becomes completely unreadable text, full of strange characters, repeated words and terms, and completely unreadable formatting.

not cauchy
byu/PeacefulOnReddit inGoogleGemini

But that wasn’t the only time the bot responded to strange things. Other reports shared on the network show similar behavior in other conversations, indicating that the problem can occur in a variety of contexts.

According to reports, the problems are experienced in both the web version and the Gemini mobile application. Therefore, it is possible that the problem is in the artificial intelligence or in the way Google directs the user’s request to the servers.

“Gemini may show false information”
byu/tomadobi inGoogleGeminiAI

For now, the company has not commented on the issue. But since the issue seems to be a recurring one, Google should release a fix for Gemini’s crazy responses soon.

Interact responsibly

Errors in Google Gemini once again reinforce the lack of reliability in the responses of such tools. The chatbot is useful for answering quick questions and sometimes even suggesting ideas for a new project or trip, but it doesn’t have the ability to evaluate the integrity of its own answers, so it makes mistakes that might go unnoticed.

An example of this is Google’s experimental feature AI Overview; A few days after the launch, he started offering strange answers, such as adding white glue to pizzas, increasing mineral intake by eating rocks, and the smoking habit of pregnant women.

Source: Tec Mundo

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