Apple Guidelines: Electronic devices must be durable, be contained within the casing, be chemical resistant and water resistant. In a word, everything that modern gadgets, unfortunately, can be called.

Popular technical blogger Marques Brownlee spoke about how the “struggle for survival” in the future of the iPhone took place in his Likes on YouTube. They were tested in one of Apple’s secret laboratories for everyday use.

In the first few cases, the iPhone 15 model is currently available with water at a distance of 1.5 meters for half an hour, and then check for dust collection as well.

In total, Brownlee showed four “water” tests – simulating rain, exposed to different pressures, that is, due to a fire hose and, finally, immersion in water for one and a half meters, triple instructions in the direction of time.

In this lab, the idea is to use an iPhone. Engineers also use the results of the multifaceted blog “padeni” to develop a special robotic arm. In the case of the “studio”, the device uses three sets of iPhones on the stations offered in this category, simulating, for example, the shaking of a motorcycle engine or in the subway.

Source: Tech Cult

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