Telegram transition to shareware the monetization model has become an occasion to delve into the diversity of its capabilities again.

This applies to both basic functionality and Premium features. the latter, by the way, bye the screen is not convincing enough.

However, there are definitely enough interesting nuances in Telegram today. If you actively use the messenger for work or in the application settings, be sure to study them. Many finds, verified make life easier productivity is greatly improved.

Please share your findings as a result. He himself collected 20 chips that were processed recently.

1. Buying a Telegram Premium subscription can be cheaper

On the territory of Russia, a Premium subscription to Telegram today costs 299 rubles, in dollars the price of meals abroad

▶︎ What to do: To purchase a Premium subscription, tweet the official Telegram bot at the link.

Using the official bot, you can set the amount of payment for the Premium subscription.

The application mechanism uses the power of the App Store, which takes its own percentage for the specified service. cost and savings. However, there are nuances.

2. Buying a Telegram subscription at a discount does not always work

At the bot itself, he cursed for a few days about a problem in the application, and then did not miss the payment

▶︎ What to do: you can pay for a subscription in a day or two, or spit and spend in full.

It’s a pity, because of the influx, you can save on a subscription bot does not always work correctly. But you should not despair.

I myself managed to buy a subscription in this way only on the second or third day. However, you can freak out, and many do just that.

3. Buying a subscription just for voice transcription is not worth it

After fine-tuning the decryption, you may simply not like it, sometimes errors pop up

▶︎ What to do: be sure to close the app and try again or don’t rely on this possibility.

One of the options why I decided to try a subscription was the translation feature in the text of voice messages.

I have a lot of such inboxes, and I have no desire to listen to all of them. And the information is not always adequately perceived by ear.

However, as it turned out, this feature does not always work correctly. So after a couple of days they stopped trying it.

4. By the way, the voice can be expressed not only in the 2x format

Voice message can be zoomed in up to 1.5-2x or slowed down up to 0.5x

▶︎ What to do: hold the icon 2x at the top of the app interface.

As for me, it is ideal to listen to voice messages at 1.25-1.5 times. This is especially true of dictated instructions and lessons.

In the Telegram standard, the tension intensity is up to 2x, but its it will be possible to “slow down” and up to 1.5x. There is nothing difficult in this.

5. Don’t Use the Mac App Store Version

At the time of this writing, Telegram from the Mac App Store has not yet been updated to support Premium chips

▶︎ What to do: just download the Telegram app on the official website.

A week after the launch of the Premium subscription in Telegram, it is still not available in the official application in the Mac App Store.

This is because Pavel Durov has a biased attitude towards the proprietary basis for the implementation of Apple software. Well, he doesn’t like them.

He refers to their public capabilities, so the Telegram version is on the official website and updates much more often.

6. Clips software is good for animating your avatar

With its help, the usual static avatar will turn into a video with free effects

▶︎ What to do: Experiment with the effects in Apple’s Clips app, available for download here.

To stand out from the crowd, with a Premium subscription, you can create an animated avatar in video format.

Through clips on a regular picture, you can “sketch” rich effects that will distort it in an interesting way.

It turns out curiously, for a start it will go.

7. Stickers have a convenient sorting by Premium options

Premium stickers can really surprise your interlocutors

▶︎ What to do: Click on the Premium icon in the top menu for selecting a part of the stickers in the dialog.

Another reason that stands out when you have a subscription is separate stickers with full-screen animation. They have a filter.

8. Reactions can not be sorted, but you can make favorites

There are enough interesting places in the Premium subscription

▶︎ What to do: select the selected procedure in the menu “Settings” → “Stickers and Emoji” → “Quick Check”.

It’s a pity that you can’t yet sort by importance using the reaction menu selection.

However, it is possible to select favorites to be added to the post by double-clicking.

9. When traveling abroad, look for people nearby

They may have more interesting information or local groups with important announcements.

▶︎ What to do: tap the “Contacts” icon at the bottom of the screen and select the “Find people nearby” option.

With the help of this chip, he himself repeatedly went to local groups with ads for rental housing and more. You can share them simply by asking someone nearby.

Very comfortably, if you travel without a big budget and stay in each country for a month or a couple. Checked.

10. Two-factor authentication account is required today

An additional password will help secure your account if you lose your smartphone or SIM card.

▶︎ What to do: set up the “Shared password” in the menu “Settings” → “Privacy”.

This feature involves the use of additional access in the account for new results.

If it is enabled, no ill-wisher will be able to log into the account even with direct access to the SIM card.

11. Any text will make a partial representation

No copy message rye, paste somewhere, and then cut the meaning into pieces

▶︎ What to do: click on the message and highlight the source code with basic iOS tools.

More than once he himself first then copied the entire text, selected the necessary one and transferred it further. You can skip this step.

12. Exit the web version in the Telegram browser will work remotely

Keep a close eye on the gadgets that appear in the regular menu

▶︎ What to do: in the menu “Settings” → “Devices”, select the device and click on the “End session” button.

When you don’t have your laptop at hand, it’s easy to sit down at another computer to resolve all issues in the same Telegram.

This is usually done through the web version so as not to annoy the desktop app account. Not everyone has it installed.

Not once secret session, and it happened remotely. It’s good that there is such an opportunity. Otherwise, personal correspondence could fall into third hands.

13. Communication in dialogues is definitely different in a variety of topics.

▶︎ What to do: often in the dialog box, select the interlocutor and click on the “More” button, then expand the “Change Color” menu and define any theme to your taste.

It’s cool that in the latest versions of Telegram, each dialogue has its own mood with the use of themes.

14. Quickly gives in to convenient swipe messages

This is especially true in large dialogues.

▶︎ What to do: swipe a message to the left to quickly find it.

Great feature for iPhone. Too bad it doesn’t work on PC.

15. Copying links to posts helps a lot.

You can return to the specified message at any time.

▶︎ What to do: then click on the message in the dialog, select the “Copy message” option.

When we discuss work tasks, I usually copy the first messages in the correspondence and enter them into the same Trello.

It is very convenient to remember the thoughts about the discussion of some part of the project that were forgotten in the terms of reference.

16. Animated in full screen can even be emoji

Too bad it only works in tête-à-tête dialogues

▶︎ What to do: type Heart, Clapperboard, Thumbs up, Thumbs down, Ghost, or another emoji in private chat, and then tap the emoji one or more times.

Few people know that the animated full-screen stickers that appeared in the Premium subscription already had exactly the same emoji in Telegram.

They appear only in certain dialogues. Yes, and activated by pressing. However, the interlocutor sees the animationAnd this is the main point.

17. There is a way to quickly navigate between dialog folders

The fastest way to move between directories

▶︎ What to do: click the “Chats” button in the bottom bar of the navigation bar, and then select the context menu.

Here it is – the fastest way to move between dialog folders. Moreover, it is possible to do this without looking up from the screen.

18. Try Submitting Your Photos and Videos With Masks

This will help diversify communication with emoji and stickers

▶︎ What to do: Click on the button to add to the message about increasing the concentration and efficiency of the photo, activate its editing and efficiency in the “Masks” menu.

It’s funny, isn’t it? Try it yourself!

19. Notifications about new contacts can be trite public

Finally, they will no longer disturb

▶︎ What to do: it is necessary in the menu “Settings” → “Notifications and sounds” and switch the inactive position of the “New contacts” switch.

Honestly, I’m sick of getting the perk that one of my friends finally registered in Telegram.

Seriously, only in 2022?!

It’s good that this message, which I personally received at least once every couple of days, will work out.

20. “Favorites” is great to use for reminders

A feature for those who have their whole life in the messenger

▶︎ What to do: for example, to “Favorites” and enter the reminder text, delay it

Of course, this is not suitable for very serious work at all. But for increased attention with or without it – an excellent option.

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