Experts from the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of Moscow State University have proposed a new way to determine the amount of a loan that can be repaid by inheritance. Their algorithm allows you to calculate the probability of inheriting an inheritance, taking into account cost and survival rate.

Existing methods of assessing a borrower’s credit worthiness (based on semi-annual income or a scoring system) have a number of significant drawbacks – they require a large database of statistics and continuous improvement.

Scientists say that in order to more fully determine the credibility of a potential client, the bank should consider assets that can be inherited by the borrower. At the heart of credit evaluation algorithms is an inheritance tree: a hierarchical array of people claiming inheritance. Taking into account the survival rate and the estimated value of the inheritance, he can accurately determine the amount of the loan, the expenses of which can be fully repaid.

Source: Ferra

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