A compact machine grill that is suitable for cooking not only meat, but also vegetables or fish.

I’ve been using this model for several years now, and it very rarely sits idle, at least even for the whole day.

I highly recommend it!

▶︎ Buy: 15 720 RUB 15,460


The main feature of these grills are automatic cooking modes with simultaneous control of the degree of frying. There are several options:

▪ cutlets (for burgers)
▪ chicken (preferably file)
▪ sandwiches (hot sandwiches)
▪ sausages (meaning “raw”)
▪ steaks (pork or beef)
▪ fish (works great with file and carcass)

When you use the device, the thickness of whatever is included in it is automatically set. Thus, with the selected mode, this gives him the final understanding that this or that product will be fried quickly.

The most interesting way to use all this, of course, is with beef. In this case, you can control the degree of frying of the steaks so as not to bring them to full condition – in general, “shoes”.

In addition, the grill also has a universal cooking mode, as well as a separate defrosting function. You can also replace standard cooking pads with special ones for Belgian waffles—we’ve tried these too.

In general, this particular grill has long become a must-have for us for cooking anything and everything. We are 100% satisfied with it and use it almost every day. He even makes simple toast, and it turns out many times better than in a special device.

▶︎ Buy: 15 720 RUB 15,460

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