In the “speed race”, the browser was chosen by the leader – it turned out to be Google Chrome, which showed the highest score among its competitors according to the Benchmark Speedometer 3.0 result.

Speedometer 3.0 analyzes how efficiently green browsers work, so there are no real imitations of it. Efficiency Speedometer 3.0 is the result of the latest developments from IT giants Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mo zilla.

According to tests, Google has developed and optimized its functionality. The machines needed to work much longer than they actually did. Features of SpaceSplitString functionality, table structure and deduplication are different. I also learned about the “muscular speedo” which was reduced to the Speedo 3.0 by 3%.

The achievements of Google Chrome have made it difficult to develop its Chrome-based content. Very impressive, the leader was very happy when someone could challenge his primacy. In the case of Google Chrome, it is accessible on 65% of buttons, while its closest competitors Apple Safari and Edge look a little more modest – the corresponding figures are not 18.2, but 5.2%.


Source: Tech Cult

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