The operating director of the RuStore app store, Ilya Sverchkov, said that the number of Chinese publishers on the platform is growing (five times in six months), and out of 40 thousand applications on the market, a third are hosted by foreign companies. . developers.

A third of the 40 thousand RuStore applications are foreign

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The Chinese are in the lead: “many of them come with exclusive offers for the Russian market,” according to Sverchkov. They are followed by Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

“We try to support developers with interesting services and games immediately from the moment they appear on RuStore, promote them within the store and help connect all the necessary tools. This allows new versions to compete with applications that have been in RuStore for a long time,” says the speaker in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Sverchkov also said that the number of apps in the store since the beginning of 2023 has increased sixfold. In general, during the operation of RuStore, users downloaded applications more than 140 million times.

The most popular are banking applications and games (led by Tanks Blitz, which has raised 300 million rubles). They often download “useful utilities”: map services (such as 2GIS) and mail.

Developers can make money from the app through paid placements, advertising, in-app purchases, and in-game events. The store usually comes pre-installed on Tecno, Vivo, Realme, Infinix and Itel phones.

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Ekaterina Alipova

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