On Wednesday (12) Samsung launched the One UI 6 Watch Beta Program for testers. The new version of the system for the brand’s smartwatches is based on Wear OS 5 and brings various improvements to the overall user experience. There are now artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to analyze health-related data.

At the end of May, Samsung announced that One UI 6 would have integration with the Galaxy AI platform and gave details of new features based on artificial intelligence. In its statement, the company clearly stated that these features can only be used on Galaxy Watch 7 devices. Fortunately, older watch models will also receive the update.

Galaxy AI will be available on older Sammy watches.

As for resources, health monitoring will gain new metrics for a more advanced and complete analysis, presenting data on the user’s physical and mental state. One UI 6 Watch comes with the “energy score” concept based on data obtained based on sleep and physical activity.

One of the focuses of the update, which will provide a much more comprehensive report compared to the current report, will be sleep quality. The user will also be able to create personalized training routines.

The usability of the Galaxy Watch will become more practical with the addition of quick interactions through smart commands and settings. This includes instructions like double pinch, faster horizontal scrolling, quick view of ongoing tasks, universal gestures, and more.

There will be improvements in the use of emojis in the new version of One UI Watch.

In addition to the introduction of a new default font, there are also improvements in energy saving, interactions with emojis, images added to messages, connection to audio devices.

Which devices will receive the One UI Watch 6 beta?

The One UI 6 Watch Beta Program is available immediately for the Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic in both the Bluetooth version and the US and South Korea. The update will also be released for LTE models soon. Galaxy Watch series 5 and 4 will also be included in the update.

Source: Tec Mundo

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