On the afternoon of June 14, Burger King announced the end of its experiment in delivering pony orders ahead of schedule due to mixed reactions from the company’s customers.

Burger King decided to cancel the experiment with delivery of orders by pony

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On June 13, “a portion of tenderness” appeared on the restaurant’s social networks; They said there were now couriers delivering orders for lovely ponies. They also stated that although speed is low, it is measured simply by mental strength, highlighting the environmental friendliness of the project and the fact that it makes everyone around it happy.

“All our messenger-riders are trained to handle animals, and specialists make sure that no one gets tired, is always happy, healthy and fed,” the company reported.

Although the company observed special measures regarding the maximum weight load of the ponies and treated the animals with care, as of June 14 the company decided not to use this order delivery method, since customers They had mixed reactions to this innovation. They talked about it in a comment for RB.RU.

“To test the delivery of pony orders, we did thorough preparation: all couriers had the optimal weight, specialized food was purchased for the animals, and places for their rest were prepared. However, customers were concerned about this way of exploiting animals, so we decided to stop the experiment. For us, the customer’s opinion is law,” said Iván Shestov, commercial director of Burger King.

We previously wrote that a Moscow court closed the Burger King restaurant after three customers suffered from gastroenteritis.


Nikolai Tikhonov

Source: RB

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