A hacker under the nickname IntelBroker claims in the dark that he was able to hack Apple.

According to him, in June 2024, apple.com suffered a data leak at a wine company that allowed a hacker to obtain the source code using the following internal tools:

▪️ AppleConnect-SSO
▪️ AppleMacro plugin

AppleConnect-SSO is an authentication system that allows employees to access network applications registered with Apple. They are integrated with the company database and allow you to access shared resources.

It is known that AppleConnect-SSO integration is in the Concierge application, which is used by Apple Store employees.

Nothing is known about Apple-HWE-Confluence-Advanced and AppleMacroPlugin.

IntelBroker does not require any additional information about the hack. He can probably sell the information, but the public price is not critical.

The hacker is known for hacking large companies and government agencies. He recently hacked AMD and gained access to information about unreleased products. [9to5Mac]

Source: Iphones RU

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