KazanExpress founder Linar Khusnullin launched a marketplace with express delivery in Kazakhstan. Teez positions itself as an innovative marketplace and promises to deliver all items in an order within one day. The market will officially launch on August 1.

The founder of KazanExpress launched a marketplace with express delivery in Kazakhstan
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Teez marketplace, co-founded by KazanExpress founder Linar Khusnullin, will begin operations in Kazakhstan. The market launch is scheduled for August 1.

Teez has a single warehouse with an area of ​​60 thousand square meters. m., own fleet of vehicles. All items in the order are promised to be delivered to the buyer within one day. Teez is currently collecting applications to open collection points.

In 2024, the market plans to expand its geographical presence to 32 cities in Kazakhstan. Until the end of 2025, Teez intends to open around a thousand order collection points.

In November 2023, Magnit closed the deal to buy the KazanExpress marketplace. The “Magnit Market” was inaugurated at its base; It officially began operation in Moscow on June 17, 2024.


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