Until June 21, you will be able to buy smart devices at a good discount that will change your home routine and even provide more security to your home.

Promotional action comes from Amazon, which has a variety of options 10% discount on smart products SMARTHOME10 coupon. In addition to the coupon, Many items on the list are already at promotional pricesfurther reduces the final value of the items.

So if you’re considering purchasing a smart light bulb to control with Alexa or a digital lock to leave your keys in, take advantage of our recommendations for featured items in the promotion. See below:

Smart Home with 10% discount with coupon SMARTHOME10

  • 360° Built-in Smart Camera, Compatible with Alexa, Intelbras iM4 C for R$ 319.37
  • Digital Lock FR Intelbras 10 for Internal and External Use for R$ 254.33
  • Smart Plug Wi-Fi 10A/1000W- NBR, Positive Smart Home for R$ 72.87
  • Intelbras IZY Connect Infrared Universal Smart Control for R$ 111.92
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Digital Lock with Biometrics, Elsys, ESF-DE4000B for R$ 979.90
  • TP-Link Tapo L530E Smart Bulb for R$ 56.65
  • Smart Switch Compatible with Alexa, I2GO Home for R$ 59.90
  • Square covering Tramontina Plafon Smart? 18W LED for R$79.90
  • Bivolt Smart Socket 16A ELG SHPT400 for R$ 109.90
  • Yale YRD 256 Digital Lock, compatible with Alexa for R$ 877.79
  • 10W ELG SHLL100 Smart LED Bulb for R$ 69.90
  • RGB Smart LED Strip 20w, 5 meters, Elgin for R$ 291.16

Click here to check out the other products in the promotion and enjoy! We state that the campaign will end on Friday, June 21.

Source: Tec Mundo

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