The United States Department of Commerce announced this Thursday (20) that the sale of Kaspersky services and products is banned in the country. With this measure, the cyber security company no longer sell software or provide support or updates to home consumers; or Institutional.

The measure includes accusations of Kaspersky’s ties to Vladimir Putin’s Russian government. Seen as a company “National security risk”as it arises from and responds to the laws of a country that currently has hostile relations with the United States.

As with other ongoing bans such as TikTok and Huawei, the suspicion is that: User privacy is at risk due to spying and surveillance apps. The company will collect sensitive data from consumers, and this information will potentially be used in a criminal manner by Russia.

Kaspersky is famous for selling security software.

According to the official statement; Public institutions should immediately change their cybersecurity services. Already traditional consumers will have until September 29, 2024 To find an antivirus alternative before the program stops working.

Distrust of Kaspersky has been around for a long time

Kaspersky and the US government have clashed before. In 2017, the company reportedly received access to classified materials from the National Security Agency (NSA). Despite its defense, the manufacturer was barred from membership in government-related bodies by then-President Donald Trump.

In a statement regarding the ban, the Russian government claimed that the measure was a form of precaution. “Suppressing” foreign competition against U.S. competitors and U.S. “unfair competition” against a foreign company.

What the company says

Kaspersky He said he would use all possible legal means to appeal the decision. This denied any criminal practice It concerns the security of the country.

See the brand’s full rating:

“Kaspersky is aware of the decision of the United States Department of Commerce to ban the use of Kaspersky software in the United States. The decision does not affect the company’s ability to sell and promote cyber threat intelligence products and/or training in the United States.

Although Kaspersky has proposed a system where the security of the company’s products can be independently verified by trusted third-party companies, it believes that the Ministry of Commerce made its decision based on the current geopolitical scenario and theoretical concerns rather than a technical assessment. Integrity of Kaspersky products and services.

Kaspersky does not engage in activities that threaten the national security of the United States and, in fact, has made significant contributions to reporting and protecting against a variety of threats targeting the interests of the United States and its allies. The Company intends to pursue all legal options available to protect its current operations and relationships. For over 26 years, Kaspersky has been fulfilling its mission of building a more secure future by protecting more than one billion devices.

Kaspersky repeatedly proves its independence from any government by providing customers around the world with market-leading products and services to protect them from all types of cyber threats. In addition, Kaspersky has implemented unprecedented transparency measures among its peers in the cybersecurity industry, aiming to demonstrate its strong commitment to honesty and trustworthiness. The Department of Commerce’s decision unfairly ignores the evidence.

The main effect of this measure is an advantage for cybercrime. International collaboration between cybersecurity experts is vital in the fight against malware, and the decision will curtail these efforts. Moreover, it eliminates the freedom of consumers and organizations, large and small, to use the protection they want.

This forces them to move away from the best anti-malware technology in the industry, according to independent testing. This will cause dramatic disruption for the company’s customers, who will have to urgently replace the technology they have chosen and relied on for years to protect them. Kaspersky is committed to protecting the world from cyber threats. The company’s business remains resilient and strong, with sales growth of 11% in 2023. “We look forward to what the future holds and will continue to defend against actions that seek to unfairly harm our reputation and business interests.”

Source: Tec Mundo

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