The new design of the 100 ruble note with the Spasskaya Tower on the obverse has been criticized by experts. The former artist from Goznak said that “it does not fit into the traditions” and causes him “regret”.

The new design of the hundred-ruble bill was criticized by experts.

Yury Koverdyaev, a former Goznak artist, criticized the new design of the 100 ruble bill. The banknote was presented by the Bank of Russia on Thursday, the presentation was made online by the regulator on its pages in social networks.

According to Koverdyaev, Goznak's traditional style was lost in the new design. Now, the expert said, the bill is similar to many foreign bills and its originality has been lost.

“The issued ticket causes me regret. [...] The new storulevka will be lost among the analogues from Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan and other countries,” Koverdyaev said.

Koverdyaev called the new lettering style "very simple" and called recognition of the banknote design "gone."

The Bank of Russia on Thursday unveiled a 100-ruble note with an updated design. The sides of the banknote are decorated with the Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin and the monument to a soldier in Rzhev. A note with a new design is already put into circulation, the Central Bank specified.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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