Crowdlending platform Karma has changed ownership and announced a relaunch. Now it is the investment crowdfunding platform, which has retained the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation of the previous brand.

Crowdlending platform Karma has changed ownership and announced a relaunch
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The Karma crowdlending platform has been relaunched as the crowdlending platform. It was headed by Stanislav Tihomolov, a project representative told RB.RU.

Investments for the relaunch amounted to 22 million rubles. Tikhomolov is not part of the capital of Karma Technology LLC; its sole founder is Invest In JSC. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the company owns 24% of the company, the remaining share is on the balance sheet of Karma Technology LLC.

A project representative said that after the start of the CBO, defaults of projects that obtained loans began to occur en masse on Karma, and lenders began to withdraw these loans, as a result of which the platform stopped accepting new requests from investors and projects. After this, the platform’s development strategy between its founders diverged and the project was frozen. retained Karma’s license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to operate in the financial market as an organization to attract investments. This is confirmed by data from the official website of the Bank of Russia.


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