We continue to study the new iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 presented at WWDC 24.

Now let’s look at how one of the most useful innovations works – application blocking. Option how it works on iPhone, iPad and iPad with new brand firmware. If you want to block apps on iOS 17, follow our instructions.


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How to block access to any application on iPhone or iPad

The option is implemented at the system level; there is no need to modify programs and games. The feature is available for most standard and additional programs or games.

1. Hold your finger on the icon of the desired program or game. This can be done on the desktop, in the search Spotlight or in Library applications.

2. Select menu item Require face ID or Require Touch ID (Depending on device). Menu items in the first test versions are not localized.

3. Confirm the action and log in using or Face ID or Touch ID.

After blocking an application, information from it cannot be found through search Spotlight. Every time you log into the application or navigate to it through the panel, many problems arise.

At the moment, the following applications cannot be blocked: Teams, Camera, Locator, Settings, Watch, Look. Perhaps their set will change in subsequent test versions.

How to disable app locking using Face ID or Touch ID

Everything works the same:

1. Hold your finger on the icon of the application for which the lock is enabled.

2. Select menu item Don’t require Face ID or Don’t require Touch ID.

3. Log in using or Face ID or Touch ID.

The protection of the application will be removed.

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