The Italian company Kimera Automobili will present a racing hyperrestomod. Previously, its engineers created the Evo37 restomod and rethought the iconic Lancia 037 rally coupe taking into account modern technologies, preparing the Evo38 model. Now they have announced a third car: the crazier version of the two presented under the name K-39. The novelty is not presented as a road sports car, but as a real racing prototype.

Kimera Automobili prepares to launch a mysterious racing hyperrestomod
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Subscribe to RB.RU on Telegram writes that they were inspired to create this Lancia Beta Turbo model, so the restomod will have an elongated body and pronounced aerodynamic components that will repeat the shape of that classic Italian sports car.

The car will have a longer tail and a massive rear spoiler, as well as full-length LED lights underneath, a roof fin, fenders, side vents and a massive diffuser.

The team behind the project says the K39’s design was inspired by the former race car of the Martini Racing Team, which dominated the World Sports Car Championship in the 1970s and 1980s.

It should be noted that the new product will be released in the traditional Martini Racing livery “in a very limited number of copies for a few lucky winners.” The cost of the car and its features are not officially announced.

We previously reported that Elon Musk’s Tesla company began losing share in the electric vehicle market.

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