I have been using the Apple Watch for many years now, and have studied this smart watch and across. But a few weeks ago, I caught myself thinking that I had never intended to seriously make friends with the Mindfulness app, which appeared back in watchOS 8.

Well, really, what is it? An app that makes you BREATHE. Thanks, Apple, but I already know how to do it, it would be better if the battery in the watch was increased.

Something like this, I’m sure, most Russian-speaking Apple Watch owners think. We are not very popular with any resonant practices that help to find the mind, and this required. But what if you try?

After all, the guys from Cupertino decided defaultand that means something.

Why You Need Mindfulness According to Apple

Apple usually releases descriptions and instructions for innovations in their gadgets. However, in the case of Mindfulness, there is little official information.

In particular, in the small application “Health” you can find a text dedicated to Mindfulness, which sounds like a pompous monologue of some hermit, which is wider in the prevalence of the world. filled with:

It is clear that such a description will not interest 95% of smartwatch users. So I started looking for reasons to start breathing on the app every day.

And now I’ll tell you why it’s worth trying to spend a few minutes on proper breathing for several days in a row.

Why You Really Need the Mindfulness App

The app will prompt you to take a deep breath for one minute, elicit inhalation and exhalation in a tactile pulsating pattern on the display. It seems like simple fun, but behind the functionality you can see many years of medical and scientific research on the benefits of deep breathing for the human body.

For example, deep diaphragmatic breathing helps lower blood pressure without medication. A sufficient number of six inhalations and exhalations, and for the best result, it is recommended to put on the chest and do it regularly.

Also include inhalation and exhalation of lung diabetes, migraine, asthma attack, ease depression and even increase brain efficiency and increase memory.

The latter is generally logical, saturation of the body with oxygen and so on.

So, when playing the Mindfulness application, about six breaths and exhalations occur just in a minute, before starting the timer, which can put a hand on the chest in the region of the heart. Everything converges.

Breathing for a couple of minutes a day correctly, I make a gift to a useful body. To do this, you do not need to strain, go somewhere, use special tools and simulators – just enough from the special from just 60 seconds anywhere and at any time of the day.

Personal impressions after two weeks of correct behavior

My high blood pressure did not bother me before, so I did not feel much effect and benefit from deep breathing. However, the Mindfulness app gave me one useful habit in our time.

I learned to completely switch off from my worries and problems in a minute. It may seem very simple to you, but try it yourself and you will understand that it is very difficult to clear your brain of vital thoughts. There are always some tasks, problems, you need to remember something, don’t forget to send a message, send this message, buy groceries home, confirm your work, and beyond.

But if you focus on the pulsing on the screen of your Apple Watch during a breathing session, you will notice after a few days how constant stress and excitement becomes a little easier to deal with. As soon as you notice this – congratulations, you have felt the effect of a kind of trial version of perception.

I have felt and now I am unlikely to refuse to use Mindfulness applications on a daily basis. In connection with this ability to stop in the whirl of the day, stop thinking about worries and reboot in one minute, it really helps to stay focused, calm and productive.

You can do that too. Mindfulness icons appear on your Apple Watch and breathe when you find yourself thinking about nothing. After a few days of regular sessions, you will feel the chip.

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