The power of artificial intelligence is worthless if user data is not protected, George Zhao, CEO of Chinese smartphone company Honor, said in an interview with CNBC.

Honor CEO Zhao spoke about the crucial role of privacy when working with AI
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Honor is integrating some AI features, such as allowing users to open text messages and other notifications just by looking at them, or eliminating the need for copy and paste by directly linking apps like Yelp with navigation or ride-sharing apps.

A few days ago, the company presented new AI tools to detect the use of deepfakes in videos and simulate lenses that can reduce myopia during prolonged screen use.

“Without data security and user privacy protection, AI will be useless. This has always been one of our value propositions. We say that the user’s data does not leave the device. This is the principle we adhere to,” Zhao said.

He also pointed out that in the future development of smartphones, the company’s goal is to empower people.

Zhao acknowledged the dual evolution of AI: cloud-based AI improves capabilities, while personalization enables more “personal” and secure interactions.

The Honor Magic V3 foldable phone, which is set to launch in July, promises “further development of AI functions” while focusing on data privacy protection.

We previously wrote that Apple’s restrictions on RuStore could lead to the complete loss of the iPhone in Russia.

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