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The metaverse reaches the moons of cars


Mark Zuckerberg made the concept of the metaverse trendy, but he didn’t invent it. For example, Nissan has already used the word on their vehicles… in 2019!

But now, when it is fashionable, the concepts have become a little more specific. From Nissan to Cupra, Hyundai or Mercedes-Benz introduced his own metaverses.

According to our colleague Miguel Angel Moreno of Business Insider, the company WayRay wants to standardize them with Holographer, his proposal to the metaverse on the moon of cars.

The Metaverse is a layer of augmented or virtual reality on top of the real world. You can enter the metaverse through a mobile phone, computer, augmented reality glasses, or virtual reality glasses. Automakers want us to make it car windows.

Company way, which has investors such as Hyundai or Porsche itself, introduced the Holographer, your metaverse project.

hologrammer augmented reality layer visible through vehicle windows. The driver’s window illuminates aspects of the road, such as signs or green or red traffic lights.

Known vehicles can be identified or highlight people and cars that are our contacts on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Off road may also appear virtual advertising on buildings, or fantasy elements. Because everything fits into the metaverse. This can be seen in the first photo of the news.

In the side windows of the passengers or behind, everything changes. They don’t have to watch traffic or drive, so they can do many other things.

for example turn the rear window road into a racing video game. Or landscapes of the trip in the background, which can be painted and turned into beautiful drawings.

WayRay goes beyond mere entertainment and believes that you can do business with the automotive metaverse. For example, when you order Uber, instead of ordering Uber Black or Uber SUV, you can order Uber Holograktor, and ads that run in the metaverse while you’re doing something will pay for part of the trip.

It’s not just an idea: according to Business Insider, the company has reached an agreement with Karma Automobile and Pininfarina to put it into practice in their vehicles.

The Metaverse comes to cars. We are ready?

Source: Computer Hoy

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