Rospatent has extended the validity of the exclusive right to the Coca-Cola trademark of the American company The Coca-Cola Company until August 26, 2034. The corresponding registration in the register was made on June 19, 2024. RB.RU drew attention to the changes.

Coca-Cola has extended the validity of its trademark in Russia until 2034
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American Coca-Cola’s right to the Coca-Cola trademark applies to Class 6 of the International Classification of Laws, including cans and caps.

The trademark expired in August 2024.

The company previously submitted applications to Rospatent for the registration of its trademarks in Russia, the matter concerned Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite drinks. The applications were submitted on April 5 and are currently under consideration. In addition to these drinks, Coca-Cola registers trademarks in the Russian Federation for Coke Studio drinks, Minute Maid juices, Powerade energy drink and Bonaqua pure water.

Coca-Cola’s subsidiary, Irish European Refreshments, has also applied to register the Schweppes trademark for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The Irish division of DP Beverages Unlimited Company has registered a trademark for Fuze tea and soft drinks in two versions.

In March 2022, Coca-Cola announced the suspension of its operations in Russia and in June the company announced the cessation of sales and production of its beverages in the Russian Federation.

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Following this, the number of Coca-Cola analogues in Russia increased by 10%. By the end of July 2022, according to NielsenIQ estimates, 186 cola brands could be found in stores.

In late August, Teremok founder Mikhail Goncharov announced that Coca-Cola HBC’s Russian division, renamed Multon Partners, would begin producing the popular soft drink under a new name: “Good Cola.”

Maxim Ali, Comply’s intellectual property partner, told Vedomosti that the registration of its international trademarks may indicate the manufacturer’s intention to return them to the Russian market in the future.


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