iPad Pro (M4) vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra: comparing the best tablets

The iPad Pro (M4) and Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra are two of the best motherboards in the world, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed buying them

iPad Pro (M4) vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra: comparing the best tablets
We comprehensively compare the iPad Pro (M4) and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

The iPad Pro (M4) and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra are probably two of the best tablets on the market designed for professional use. Together with the keyboard and the corresponding Pencil, they are very interesting options. That’s why we decided Compare iPad Pro (M4) vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra thoroughlyTo see which one is more recommended.

We have already compared the iPad Pro (M4) with the Microsoft Surface Pro and this time we will do it with the Samsung tablet. The two devices compete in the market They have many similarities, but also many differences.

Specifications table: iPad Pro (M4) vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

iPad Pro 2024 Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra
Screen dimensions 11-inch Ultra Retina XDR OLED display
13-inch Ultra Retina XDR OLED display
14.6 inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X
Display technologies Promotion (10-120Hz)
True Tone
Wide color gamut (P3)
integral lamination
anti-reflective film
Refresh rate up to 120 Hz
maximum brightness 1,000 nits (1,600 nits in HDR) 930 nit
Resolution “eleven”: 2,420 x 1,668, 264 pages/p
13″: 2,752 x 2,064, 264 pages/p
2,960 x 1,848 pixels at 239 ppm
Dimensions “eleven”: 24.97×17.75×0.53 cm
13″: 28.16×21.55×0.51 cm
32.64×20.86×0.55 cm
Weight “eleven”: 444g
13″: 579g
Colors Space Black
Processor M4 chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2 for Galaxy
Data warehouse 8GB or 16GB 12 or 16GB
OS iPadOS 17 Android14
To store 256GB
Rear camera 12 Mpx wide angle 13 Mpx wide angle and 8 Mpx ultra wide angle
Front camera 12 Mpx ultra wide angle Two 12 Mpx cameras
Sound 4 horizontal stereo speakers 4 AKG stereo speakers
Battery Up to 10 hours of web surfing Up to 10 hours of web surfing
Main sensors Face ID Fingerprint sensor
Pen Apple Pencil USB-C
Apple Pencil Pro
S Pen
Keyboards Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro Book Cover Keyboard
Official starting price “eleven”: 1,199 Euros
13″: 1.549
1,339 euros

Here is the corrected text:

Comparison between iPad Pro (M4) and Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

We are before two of the best tablets on the market and both have the best features and functions that each brand has to offer. Let’s compare them in the most important sections.


Although we are faced with two situations in terms of design similar tabletswe find some differences with very small frames and aluminum chassis. The most important of these is the size, Apple continues to prefer a more square-shaped 4:3 display, while Samsung prefers a 16:10 aspect ratio displayThis makes it taller and narrower than the Apple format, as well as an inch and a half taller.

This has a significant impact on the weight of each deviceThe 13-inch iPad Pro (M4) weighs just 579 grams, while the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra reaches 737 grams. This is a significant difference, as the tablet is a device that we often carry with us.

Design of iPad Pro (M4) and Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

The main difference in terms of design is the screen format

Next to you The Samsung option has a dual front camera located in the notch on the longest side of the device. Apple continues to prefer to hide the cameras on the edge of the iPad Pro.


This is one of the biggest differences we will find between these two devices. Apple has done everything and 2024 iPad Pro to feature powerful M4 chipWhich comes with major improvements compared to the already unrivaled M3 chip introduced in this model.

Samsung opts for one of Qualcomm’s most powerful versions. Snapdragon 8 Gen2 It is specially designed for your Galaxy devices. However, despite having a powerful chip, far from Apple M4 in terms of performanceThe scores of both on Geekbench can help us see the difference:

  • M4 chip
    • Single core: 3,767 points.
    • Multi-core: 14,677 points.
  • Snapdragon 8 Gen2 for Galaxy
    • Single core: 2,106 points.
    • Multi-core: 5,565 points.


This is where the other big difference comes in. iPad Pro (M4) runs iPadOS and Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra supports AndroidWhile it is true that the competition between iOS and Android is pretty even on smartphones, Apple has a huge advantage over Android on tablets with iPadOS.

The operating system is specially designed for large tablets and also Tens of thousands of apps designed specifically for iPadsomething that is still missing in Android. It includes many applications that can be used professionally. And that’s not to mention the instant updates as well as the guaranteed updates that Apple .


  • iPad Pro (M4):
    • Apple Pencil USB-C: 89 Euro
    • Apple Pencil Pro: 149 Euro
    • Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro: 399 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra:
    • Galaxy Tab S9 Series S Pen: 45 euros
    • Galaxy Tab S9 Book Cover Keyboard: 229 Euros
    • Galaxy Tab S9+ Book Cover Keyboard Thin: 179 Euros

Why buy iPad Pro (M4)?

13 inch iPad Pro (M4)

The iPad Pro with M4 chip is a device that can: replace laptop in most casesA device that can be used professionally, with an operating system and many adapted applications, as long as we buy the appropriate accessories.

And these are the main reasons to buy it; photo and video editing and it has a great design with really little weight. If that’s what you need, there’s no better tablet on the market.

Why buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

I would buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra for two main reasons. If you like Android more and you feel more comfortable with this operating system, it is a more interesting tablet. On the other hand, it can be obtained a cheaper priceboth the device itself and its official accessories.

But this is a device much lower in powerSo while it should be more than enough for most users, it won’t be as capable as the iPad Pro for professional tasks.

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