OpenAI’s internal messaging system was hacked early last year, allowing hackers to obtain details about the design of the company’s AI technologies.

The information was published this Thursday (04). New York TimesAccording to the informants’ statements in the report, The incident was not made public Since no information was leaked from consumers or partners. The infestation was reported internally in April 2023.

HE Cybercriminal allegedly infiltrated discussions on an employee-only online forumDetails about the company’s new technologies were discussed here.

OpenAI's internal communications platform was hacked in early 2023. (Image: Getty Images)

But the attack ended there: Servers that develop or maintain active AI models were not affected.

Company executives did not consider the incident a threat to national security. The invasion was also not reported to United States law enforcement authorities..

Dangerous precedent

But the incident has raised concerns among company employees, raising questions about whether OpenAI is taking information security seriously and whether foreign governments or competitors could exploit this lack of attention to steal the technology.

Following the attack, former OpenAI employee Leopold Aschenbrenner sent a memo to the board of directors warning of security negligence. The report alleged that “the company did not do enough to prevent attacks by the Chinese government and other foreign competitors.” NY Times.

HE The developer was fired from OpenAI a few months ago Alleged leak of internal company information. Claims his dismissal was politically motivated.

OpenAI strengthens security

In May of this year, OpenAI opened a Safety and Security Committee to monitor the development of AI technologies. The group is fully responsible for overseeing critical decisions regarding internal projects.

The Safety and Security Committee consists solely of OpenAI executives. (Image: Getty Images)

The entity is led by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and other company executives. No members from outside of OpenAI are included for now.

To date, OpenAI has not commented on the alleged attack, which took place in early 2023.

Source: Tec Mundo

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