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Be careful if you suffer from sleep apnea without knowing it, it can prevent you from driving during the day and lead to the loss of your driver’s license.


Many traffic accidents involve alcohol, distractions, or speeding. But a significant percentage, at least 30%, falls on sleepiness while driving. People who fell asleep at the wheel.

Many people get out of bed tired or fall asleep while working or driving. In general, a few hours of sleep, stress are to blame, but there is another very common cause, even more dangerous, because it is not easy to detect: sleep apnea.

apnea These are breathing problems that occur during sleep. The patient stops breathing for a few seconds, restoring breathing by snoring.. There are many degrees, and in the heaviest breathing can stop for a minute, or this happens up to 30 times an hour.

The problem with sleep apnea is that the one who suffers from it is not aware of it because he remains asleep. And if you sleep with a partner, this can be interpreted as simple snoring.

Apnea usually appears due to airway obstruction for various reasons: obesity, short neck, genetics, age, etc.

This is fixed with dental devices or breathing masksbut requires medical supervision.

As explained by our colleague Noelia Lopez at Auto Bild, for DGT its effect on driving is similar to drinking alcoholand the people who suffer from it have six times more likely to be involved in a traffic accident:

The reason is that sleep apnea interferes with normal sleep at night. It causes drowsiness at the wheel, headaches, microsleep, irritabilityand other symptoms that are counterproductive when driving.

According to Auto Bild, people diagnosed with sleep apnea should file a report the department of sleep that cures them, in Driver Recognition Center (CRC).

This report indicates whether the condition, especially drowsiness, is under control, as well as the type, adherence, and effectiveness of treatment.

CRC performs a test called Epworth scale, which contains everyday situations in which a person falls asleep. It is supplemented profile STOP-Bangwhich includes a number of objective data such as arterial hypertension, body mass index, age or neck circumference.

If everything is positive, their driver’s license is renewed for one year if they are professional drivers, and three for others.

Yes you wake up in the morning with drowsiness, headache or dry mouth and you’re tired all day, maybe you’re suffering sleep apnea without knowing it. See your doctor to assess your condition and prescribe treatment if necessary. You can avoid a traffic accident in the future, in which not only your life is at stake, but also the lives of other people.

Source: Computer Hoy

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