Sony already submitted the final version Playstation VR2, in addition to its technical specifications. However, Japan has not yet disclosed information about its price or release date. This is probably due to the fact that the panorama of uncertainty in the production chain did not allow them to carry out a safe launch. In fact, despite what various reports say about its launch this year, we may have to wait until 2023.

Ross Young, CEO and analyst at Display Supply Chain Consultants, said AMOLED panel production will rise significantly (to 15 million units) thanks to PlayStation VR2 (via VGK). The problem, however, is that these screens will start production later in 2022 to be ready next year. So, New Sony virtual reality glasses coming in 2023.

Although Sony did not comment on this information, the industry expected a launch in late 2022. Why? The company often takes advantage of strong sales during the holiday season to promote its new products, as happened recently with the PlayStation 5. However, tech companies continue to struggle with lack of componentsand many times their plans were ruined because of this situation.

In addition to the production delay, Yang claims that the PlayStation VR2 screen will have Density 800 dpi (pixels per inch), a figure never seen before on a mass-produced AMOLED panel. So it’s clear that Sony is prioritizing screen quality. Recall that it will have permission 4K (2000 x 2040 pixels per eye), 90 to 120 Hz refresh rate and 110 degree field of view.

“With high contrast screens and no visible screen door effect, PlayStation VR2 is likely to be a hit with gamers,” the analyst added. Although, of course, the viewer equipment promises a lot, what will signify your success or failure will be your game directory. In this sense, fortunately, Sony has already done a good job with the previous generation of the device.

It is known that it is currently in development. Horizon Call of the Mountain, a virtual reality experience based on the popular franchise created by Guerrilla Games. In fact, the studio is involved in its creation along with Firesprite. The announcement of this game revealed that Sony intends to offer AAA titles to future PlayStation VR2 owners.

Source: Hiper Textual

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