Probably every traveler would like to visit Egypt, admire the sphinx, the pyramids of the pharaohs and the sand deserts. But if you don’t like flying or you can’t stand the hot weather, I suggest you go to Saint Petersburg, where you can admire the Egyptian architecture.

egyptian house

The building, built in 1913, has Art Nouveau forms and Egyptian decorations. When you are greeted by statues of the god Ra at the entrance, you have the feeling of entering an ancient tomb. The facade of the house is decorated with various figures and sculptures inspired by Egyptian culture. Even the doors leading to the basement are decorated with Egyptian symbols and scarabs.

royal village pyramid

The pyramids of the pharaohs are undoubtedly the main attraction of Egypt. But did you know that in the suburbs of St. Petersburg there is a grave of his own. Of course, it doesn’t compare in size or mystique to the original, but it even has an interesting story.

The pyramid was built in the 1780s as a tribute to European fashion. The ruler Catherine II decided that it would be fun to bury the court dogs under the pyramid. Then a few years later, the little tomb was dismantled and rebuilt from scratch, for unknown reasons.

ancient egypt gate

Not only Catherine II had an interest in Egyptian architecture, so at the beginning of the 19th century, by order of Nicholas I, Egyptian gates were built that adorned the main street of the city.

years of war

In addition to the gates, siege towers were erected, which were decorated with cast-iron plates depicting the myths of ancient Egypt. During World War II, several sections of the towers were destroyed, but the destroyed slabs were soon recast. It is interesting that the caretaker of the Agricultural Institute, Valery Valeryevich Ignatov, lived in the right tower for several years.

egyptian bridge

The history of this bridge begins with its destruction. Until 1905, it was a completely nondescript building, until the bridge collapsed. Only half a century later, it was decided to build a new bridge with Egyptian motifs. Here you can see a cast iron fence decorated with Egyptian symbols and, of course, a sphinx.

Urban legends say that if you rub his paw, you will be lucky.


Speaking of Egyptian views of the city, one cannot fail to mention the room of the same name in the Winter Palace. In 1940, a room with an exhibition of ancient Egyptian artifacts was opened on the site of the old buffet. Here you can admire various artifacts brought from Egypt, tombs, sarcophagi, statues and even see a royal mummy.


In addition to the above attractions, you can visit the quay with sphinxes on the Sverdlovsk embankment, see the sphinxes on Kamenny Island or the Universitetskaya embankment, visit the Salnikov Profitable House (where there is an Egyptian ornament) or the Gromov mansion (where the columns in the form of Egyptian Apollos are made).

In general, in St. Petersburg there are many works of architecture inspired by Egyptian culture. If you decide to visit them, be sure to use the Yandex Travel service to find the cheapest tickets and hotel rooms.

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