The Chinese company DJI, having become the largest drone manufacturer in the world, announced the entry into the electric bicycle market of the newest company Amflow Bikes. The debut of the PL Carbon bike is already available. The most important was the new electric system Avinox.

The innovative Avinox Drive System motor reduces the power by 250 W and weighs 2.52 kg, while producing a torque of 105 Nm. The automated system provides an optimal range of pedaling power. This is also the standard range: Eco, Turbo, Boost Power and Trail. You can use the motor and get an alarm from it.

Amflow PL Carbon

The weight is 19.2 kilograms, and its weight is only 2.27 kilograms. The novelty used a shock absorption system to acquire a ditch when driving on uneven roads. Most of them are filled with carbon, and the core works for 12 hours, which allows you to flexibly select the desired mode.

The engine will be able to reach 1000 volts, so modern acceleration will not be too expensive. In most cases, three models of PL Carbon are available with the engine and available options. Its content is approximately 7-12 days in advance.

Amflow PL Carbon

Source: Tech Cult

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