Rosatom specialists have begun work on creating living tissues, “constructions” are used by patients. At a very difficult moment, when they became too old, they had a vessel about 2 cm long.

The fabrics produced by the company do not change into another r r r r they bt r r r, gradually develop and take root much easier.

In fact, no one from Rosatom worked on magnetism. This bioprinter is capable of extracting blood vessels and biological material of small diameter. The vessel is “taught” to work efficiently and correctly in special bioreactive raw materials.

Rosatom uses them for patients and patients

Rosatom bioengineers plan to grow a blood vessel at least 10 cm long, after which they will move on to studying the creation of simple and separated systems using a similar method. This is the secret of cellular organs – the liver, kidneys and etc.

Source: Tech Cult

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