Dinosaurs are not the same as living children on any planet. What made them the alpha predator was Gaiasia, a creature that lived in prehistoric swamps and lakes. Finally, the salamander is 2.5 meters long and can deal with quite large prey. It was a real thunderstorm for all life in the Permian period.

The guide had a large number of heads and three long lines and ostrich teeth. It’s a big boy, he’s famous, he’s not a doctor, adal from an ambush, which gave his victims very little chance of salvation. Studies of 4 examples of this creature found in Namibia suggest that they existed about 280,000,000 years ago.

In this most important region and the future of Antarctica, the climate was quite wet and cold. Gajasia was the most ancient ancestor of modern mammals, birds, reptiles and evolved and divided into several classes.


Source: Tech Cult

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