The Galaxy AI suite of artificial intelligence tools is set to become even more powerful. At its Galaxy Unpacked event this Wednesday (10), Samsung announced a number of new features for the AI-powered platform.

Among the functions offered, many are specific to Samsung’s foldable mobile phone families. One example of this is “Conversation Mode”. It uses a two-screen structure to enable communication between people speaking different languages..

HE Conversation Mode transcribes the content spoken by the user on the home screenand uses the external display to display translated speech in the desired language. This functionality brings more functionality to the dual-screen setup of the foldable Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, while also paving the way for more natural interactions.

Following a similar suggestion, there is “Listening Mode” (“Listening Mode”) when activated during a lesson or guided tour. translates lines in real time. When combined with the Galaxy Buds 3, this function can also play the adapted version directly on the earphones.

One of the new features in the package is “PDF Overlay Translation”. This feature detects the content in a PDF file and overlays foreign language text onto the user’s native languageThis makes it easier to interpret articles and texts.

Galaxy AI can interpret the content of PDFs and adapt them to the user's language.

Galaxy AI also won the “From Sketch to Image” award. Function that can transform simpler doodles or drawings into complete imagesby adding complementary elements (colors, more shapes and details) based on the original content.

Artificial intelligence for everyday life

Galaxy AI was highlighted during Samsung’s presentation. Also in the news of the day:

  • Interpretation of mathematical equations via Google Gemini;
  • Quick access to Gemini by dragging from the corner of the screen;
  • His suggestion Quick answers powered by AIIncluding WhatsApp and SMS support;
  • Simultaneous translation and “smart chat” in more apps like WhatsApp and Google Meet;
  • Enhanced fall detection with accelerometer to request medical assistance;
  • Built-in virtual assistant on Galaxy Buds 3 to understand quick commands.

In the announcement, Samsung didn’t give any specifics about when the features will be available, but it’s possible the new features could be included out of the box on the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6, which are set to hit stores starting July 24.

Source: Tec Mundo

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