Until last Sunday (4), The Municipal Urban Cleaning Company (Comlurb) was responsible for collecting 110.5 tons of garbage. rubbish also rock in rio. The festival is held at the Olympic Park in Barra da Tijuca and relied on over a thousand street sweepers to clean the place.

Garis sweeps public circulation areas such as lawns, dining areas, VIP areas, backstage in waste management and cleaning. Another 181 street sweepers are responsible for cleaning the access roads to the City of Rock and all exteriors of the event.

In addition to cleaning up The Rock in Rio, Comlurb says it facilitates the recycling of some of the waste that makes the process possible and is sent to collectors cooperatives, which sell in partnership with recycling companies.

recyclable waste

The purpose behind the entire event cleaning system is to ensure traceability of waste: from consumer use; by sending it to recycling cooperatives; using “garbage” by industry to turn it into product packaging.

A total of 110.5 tons of waste is only 37.8 tons of recyclables 20.94 tons of plastic and 5 tons of aluminum were sent to collectors. After the new edition of Rock in Rio ends, the organization will present a Recycling Scoreboard to measure the impact of the initiative – the event is scheduled to run on Thursday (8) and end on Sunday (11).

Source: Tec Mundo

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