A survey published by Agência Brasil shows that: Almost 90% of the Brazilian population already believes fake newsIn most cases, this occurs during more sensitive times, such as the floods that devastated Rio Grande do Sul in April and May.

With that in mind, the question remains: How can you protect yourself from falling for misinformation? In this case, VPN may be a solution.

What are the effects of fake news?

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In general, fake news only serves to confuse people and spread misinformation. Moreover, they can reduce public trust in the media, Because the public tends to distrust news sources.

Fake news also harms public safety by encouraging violence, panic and unrest. In the cases that occurred in Rio Grande do Sul, for example, they can hinder public action and even affect the receipt of donations to help the public.

Flooding and misinformation in SC

Speaking of Rio Grande do Sul, the tragedies that have occurred in recent months have been the target of fake news. In less serious cases, We have seen events in other states broadcast as if they occurred in southern Brazil.usually to draw attention to a social media post.

In fact, social networks were the main channels for the spread of this misinformation, from fake news that provoked public outrage to AI-generated images that shocked and even frightened people.

According to UOL, one of these cases was a photo showing a baby floating in a river. This may be related to an audio recording circulating online in which a rescuer reported that a child asked him to pull a doll from the water. When he did, he saw that it was a lifeless baby.

The website states that We could not verify the authenticity of this audio.But the image was a clear opportunity to take advantage of the situation in search of some acclaim.

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Fake news around the world

In times of disaster or political strife, fake news also appears in other countries. The concern is so great that Oliver Wyman, in a survey published on the website EXAME, 60% of people interviewed in 10 countries said they fear falling for fake news scams.

The best way to prevent this is to do your research before disclosing such data to find out if it is actually real. This is where a VPN comes in to increase fact-checking.

How do you use a VPN to bypass fake news?

Fake news can have profound and damaging effects, but a VPN can help combat it. Then check out this list of how this tool helps combat misinformation.

one. Access trusted content from anywhere in the world

A VPN allows users to change their virtual location to access geo-restricted content. If a reliable source of information is blocked in your area, a VPN will help you connect to a server in a country where access is allowed.

By doing this, You can get information from world-renowned sourcesreduces the likelihood of falling for fake news.

two. Browse securely and privately with encryption

A VPN encrypts your connection, making it harder for third parties to monitor your internet traffic and track your browsing habits. This increases privacy and security, Reducing exposure to manipulative ads and content that often spread fake news.

Additionally, the anonymity that a VPN provides makes it harder for fake news sites to collect personal data to target specific misinformation.

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3. Protect yourself from malicious websites

Many VPNs include additional security features, such as blocking fake ads and malicious websites. They block access to pages known to spread fake news or host malware.

By staying away from these sites, you will be less likely to be exposed to fake news and your device will be better protected against potential cyber threats.

Surfshark VPN and digital security

When it comes to VPN, it’s the clear choice to protect your browsing SurfsharkWith it, you can browse safely on both national websites and geo-blocked pages for Brazil, away from fake news and without malicious ads.

In addition to VPN, Surfshark also offers users a variety of digital security serviceslike:

Clean Web: A feature that protects the user by blocking ads, preventing malware downloads, and blocking browsing trackers. This set of actions reduces exposure to false or malicious content, providing a cleaner and safer online experience.

Data Leak Warnings: Surfshark Alert is a function that checks if the user’s personal information has been compromised due to breaches and data leaks. It notifies the user instantly, allowing them to take quick action to protect their account.

Surfshark Search: For those concerned about maintaining anonymity or those who don’t want their browsing history to affect any searches, Surfshark Search is a great tool. It ensures truly private searches without any activity tracking, providing a more unbiased and accurate result.

Want to learn more about Surfshark’s services? Next, Visit the official website For more information on the plans available to those looking for a secure and reliable VPN.

Surfshark and Nexo

Anyone who likes the Nexo portal will be pleasantly surprised with Surfshark. Anyone who subscribes to the VPN (for one or two years) will get full access to Nexo for 12 months at no additional cost. That’s right: one year of free access to the Brazilian newspaper. Want more? You also get 3 more months of VPN with your Surfshark license.

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