Hear music as it was recorded in the studio with this 1MORE E1010 with jack connector.

One of the most embarrassing moments for lovers high quality sound It was when Apple decided to forgo the Jack connector, starting with the iPhone 7, which conflicted with its maintenance on later MacBooks, Macs, and iPads. If we want to experience and experience sound as it was recorded in the studio, there is no better way than with wired headphones like these 1MORE E1010, which are almost half the price today. 99.99 €. On the official website they cost 199.90 euros.

You can get one today great portable sound option, just your iPhone and Lightning (male) to Jack (female) adapter and you can experience true lossless sound with this 1MORE E1010. Taking advantage of the fact that Amazon’s Prime Day is approaching, you might be interested in waiting for July 12 if its price drops further, but it’s a very good deal for value. THX certified.

Buy the best portable audio for less than 100 euros

1MORE E1010

Exceptional lossless music headphones with jack cable and very high quality construction

These headphones have a design and structure. very, very premium. 1MORE is a company that usually works wonders in its factories and these headphones are on sale for around 200 Euros. there is in-ear typethat is, they get stuck in our ears, never allowing the sound to come out. The best thing about these 1MORE E1010s is their interior design: Diamond-like carbon dynamic driver combined with 3 balanced layers. The treble is correctly distinguished from the bass, because we have its equivalent. 4 speakers in each earphone. This notable engineering achievement.

with a solid structure. sound chamber made of streamlined aluminum With a response engine that adjusts to every sound and every moment in your ear, as user comfort is the most important thing for 1MORE. they are ideal for instrumental and string musicfor being fine-tuned by Grammy-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi. Its cable has been specially strengthened to prevent it from being damaged over time. internally braided and externally solid.

If you have 100 Euros forget AirPods and give yourself a good gift, this 1MORE E1010 is a treat for your ears.

lossless music the best way to listen to songs, because there will be no reduction in sound or compression in quality. Of course, lossless FLAC or WAV files take up much more memory. Anyway, we can take advantage of our subscription To this type of Music Unlimited or Apple Music HD music With dedicated lossless headphones like this 1MORE.

on the wire we have physical buttons To increase/decrease the volume, pause songs and hang up/answer calls. Similarly, we have a high sensitivity microphone use for calls.

If you’re considering choosing AirPods Pro or AirPods MAX, I can assure you this 1MORE E1010 is better in sound quality. There are very few headphones on the market that have several well-differentiated tweeters and bass speakers integrated into them to deliver the most fidelity possible. you can listen to their songs Quality up to 3.7 Mbps and not 320 Kbps Spotify or the MP3s you usually listen to regularly. The change is brutal, I can assure you I have other headphones for lossless music.

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