Litoria is magnificent

The Charnley River Artesian Connection in Australia’s remote western wilderness is famous for its large green frogs. It was not the controversial ecologist Jake Barker who managed to show off a unique specimen – the blue tree frog Litoria splendida. In a quiet part of the ski resort in the centre of the AWC.

They are very busy, this beautiful picture is very reddish. It is important to note that the pigment is completely consistent with the fact that her skin acquires an unusual blue color for the species.

12 hours of ntimeters, this is an obstacle to survival. Very light camouflage can be hidden from children, and in the case of an unforgettable blue color, it can scare off the progressor, which may indicate the presence of toxins in the skin of the amphibian.

FrogCommon color of the tree frog Litoria splendida

Source: Tech Cult

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