Prices for computers in Russia, having risen in price by 30% in March, returned to the beginning of the guarantee of the year. Izvestia was informed about this by MTS and M. Video – Eldorado.

According to MTS, some laptops are even cheaper than in the coming 2022. In “M. Video – Eldorado “the cost of equipment has also stabilized, the company said.

The decrease in prices is associated with a behavioral increase in the potency of the ruble and a decrease in weight. In the second quarter, 525,000 computers were sold. This is 40% less than in the first quarter.

Such a low level of weight loss, both food shortages and high purchasing power of the population and the desire to save money, commented on the state of one employee from retailers.

In March, PC sales rose by 30%. People bought computers, fearing rising prices and shortages. [Известия]

Source: Iphones RU

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