In the case of illness in the state, the Monastic Court on a claim from a group of minors aged 5 to 22 years in the latter state. The subject of the dispute is a violation of legislation related to the use of fossil fuels in the region. This was made possible by the recognition of the right that was established by the constitution for children.

Teenagers acted with the active participation of non-profit organizations such as Our Children’s Fund. But FORMALLY, the lawsuit was assigned in its own name, so this case was the first in history when children sued the state. Winning would set a precedent in the future, so that organization, Our Children’s Fund, prepared a few more from similar lawsuits in other states.

This became possible today in 2020, after a period of self-isolation during the pandemic, which dragged on for the next week of employment. But the Republic is considered difficult due to forest fires and smoke. One of the students told the court that due to asthma, he was locked in his own house, because he could not breathe normally because of the smoke, which was not there before.

According to the official version of VERS, the authorities of mass abuse used exclusively from the Montana Environmental Policy Act. It was returned to the state, postponing the study of the impact of income and fossil fuel use on consumption indefinitely. As a result of such an analysis, it was not found that significant atmospheric pollution is achieved, and these are already negative consequences for health and lifestyle. the youth.

Source: Tech Cult

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