To use copyrighted music on youtube, without permission, in addition to other restrictions, may cause the video to be deleted on the platform. Based on this rule, US police officers play protected parts during approaches filmed by civilians to avoid broadcasting the content. clamp on Friday (8).

In the event that the broadcast cited, which took place in Santa Ana, California (United States), a youtuber filmed the operation investigating the car theft in his neighborhood. One of the policemen, who saw that the incident was recorded, started playing songs from the movies from the police. disney The sound of the car disturbed the neighborhood.

When asked why turning the volume up too loud, the official confirmed that it was a way of facilitating copyright infringement because it included songs played in the recording. Video not removed by YouTubecan be seen below:

At one point, a loudly awakened Santa Ana councilor appears in the middle of the operation and also asks the police. After discovering the politician’s position, the officer apologizes to him and the author of the image and finally turns off the loudspeaker.

more cases

The US City Police Department said on Twitter that it was aware of the video and the problems with it. However, the company president stated that playing music is not the best practice to prevent police operations from being posted on YouTube.

According to the report, there have been several more similar cases in the US since last year, especially in California. songs Taylor Swift and tapes the Beatles and sublimeIn addition to country music, there are some tracks played on vinyl records.

when it detects copyrighted music in a video, YouTube’s algorithm can remove the content or earning moneyadding an advertisement to the recordings, as well as allocating the revenue to the music rights holders.

Source: Tec Mundo

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