this Planned ParenthoodAn organization working in the field of reproductive health in the United States may share data from women who use the website to research with tech giants. abortion clinics. What an article is this Washington PostReleased Wednesday (29).

By the decision of the US Supreme Court Law protecting the right to abortion in the USA, the procedure is currently prohibited in at least 17 states. From there, the entity’s system began to receive more visitors calling pregnancy-terminating clinics and scheduling the service.

However, according to a study conducted by Lockdown Privacy, which has developed an application to prevent online tracking, the network will not keep the information of those using its existing services private. such an application puts platform users at risk.

“We’ve analyzed and studied the tracking behavior of hundreds of apps and websites, and it’s rare to see this degree of carelessness. sensitive health data” said Johnny Lin, the founder of the app. The information can be used to identify abortion candidates and take legal action against them in states where abortion is prohibited.

shared data

IP address, approximate zip code, clinic chosen, and even desired abortion method are some of the information the organization can share with major technologies. Companies that will have access to the data include: Google, Facebook, TikTok and data analysis tool hot jar.

Speaking to the newspaper, the spokesperson of the institution said that the data was collected by the following people. audiences to develop marketing strategies, but did not confirm whether the procedure will be reviewed after the abortion ban in the country. The tech giants, on the other hand, did not comment on whether they would give the information to authorities in a final request.

Source: Tec Mundo

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