The big summer sale on AliExpress is still going on: the rate is raised due to the closed exchange, but the prices were still lower than in the meeting.

And some really useful things are so worth picking up right now. The main thing is not nature, that the best products are sent from our selection straight to Telegram channel. Come in now for nutritional supplements!

1. Amazfit Bip 3 smart watch


The latest modification of the ultra-popular Chinese smart watch (slightly smarter than a fitness bracelet, but still) in a convenient format.

The picture is larger, the sensor can determine not only the pulse (around the clock), but also SpO2. Also added autonomy.

Price: 8100 4299 rub.

2. Bluetooth speaker Mifa


One of the best compact stereo speakers on AliExpress: it works up to 12 hours (batteries are replaceable LiPo), goes into a stereo pair, and is not afraid of water.

The total power of the pairs of built-in speakers is 40 watts. Reads from microSD and via Bluetooth 5.0. Yes, the backlight works just as well as a night light.

Price: 10431 3337 rub.

3. YI wifi camera


A simple Full HD camera with Wi-Fi connection to a smartphone. Writes to a flash drive, broadcasts real-time. There is duplex audio.

Integrates into the YI ecosystem, allows you to create video from anywhere in the world and combine multiple cameras into a single video surveillance network.

Price: 4894 1595 rub.

4. Folding chair DQOK


A convenient summer accessory is slightly larger than a ladies’ clutch. And much more useful: the chair is fixed at any height up to 44 degrees and can withstand up to 85 kilograms of load.

Available in 4 colors, as well as fast delivery from the Russian warehouse.

Price: 1744 855 rub.

5. YMW Alcantara iPhone Case


A high-quality case made of certain types of eco-leather – either leather or suede – resistant to abrasion.

The rubberized bumper around the case provides additional protection for any current iPhone. I have options for android smartphones too.

Price: 1136 783 rub.

6. KUULAA car charger


Advanced 15W iPhone Car Charger equipped with MagSafe or any other devices equipped with similar magnetic mounts.

The adapter ring can be bought in the next lot. A model with a windshield mount, too.

Price: 1925 1058 rub.

7. YOSYO massage gun


High-quality massager with a powerful brushless motor to reduce the negative effects after exercise.

There are all the necessary nozzles, a case for storing the kit and a bunch of operating modes for any occasion.

Price: 6791 3124 rub.

8. DENUONISS Cooler Bag


A solid backpack with a large compartment that keeps the temperature of food, whether it’s a hot lunch or ice water.

An additional external pocket is useful for everyday little things.

Price: 2118 1165 rub.

9. KZ Wireless Hybrid Headphones


Advanced Bluetooth headphones with 5 speakers each. Broadband coverage and 4 armature drivers, quite linked together, have a very good sound.

Unfortunately, there is no support for advanced codecs, they are connected to one source. It’s just ridiculous – in terms of sound quality, an analogue will be difficult.

Price: 5163 3614 rub.

10. Xiaomi universal socket


You can add any electrical appliances to this socket: the outputs meet the requirements for matching with plugs of any household kitchen utensils, be it Russian, Chinese or American.

Suitable for standard sockets. In addition, it connects to the Mi Home smart home, can measure energy consumption and notify its radiation.

Price: 1474 899 rub.

11. Programmable soldering iron SH72


An affordable version of the PINE portable soldering station, only powered by its own unit (however, if you have a trigger and an input connector, you can power it from a laptop).

You can precisely set the temperature, you can create your own work profiles and modify the work. For the geek, it’s a fully wearable option.

Price: 1237 828 rub.

12. GameSir bluetooth gamepad


The compact game controller from the most famous Chinese accessories manufacturer works not only with PCs and Android smartphones, but also with Nintendo Switch.

You can also connect to Apple gadgets – there is official MFI certification and support in Apple Arcade.

Price: 5763 2075 rub.

13. Backpack-transformer Fenruien


A good everyday backpack with increased volume due to a spacer hidden by a zipper.

The outer surface of the plastic perfectly contains the contents from impacts. Reviews are extremely positive. And the price has finally come down.

Price: 5201 2340 rub.

14. Magnetic USB-C adapter ANMONE


Angled adapter connect like Magsafe to any laptop charged via USB-C. the maximum transmitted power is 100 watts.

If necessary, you can purchase a high-quality cable and additional pads remaining in the collection. It is necessary to take, to save the equipment from kinks of plugs.

Price: 344 223 rub.

15. YJSMUKT neck fan


A fun summer personal fan for everyday wear that blows close to your face to keep out the heat. Efficiency is not very, but the view is stunning.

Price: 1470 882 rub.

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Source: Iphones RU

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