You buy a MacBook and Amazon sends you dog food

He bought his daughter a present: a new MacBook Pro, but Amazon sent her two boxes of dog food.

Alan bought two cans of dog food instead of the MacBook Pro.

that a man Ordered a MacBook Pro from Amazon He has a surprise for his daughter, and it’s not good at all. Instead of sending the Apple device, Amazon sent you two cans of dog food. And that the man didn’t have a dog at home. Funny thing is, this isn’t the first time.

Worst of all, the popular store’s support service was reassuring when trying to contact Amazon. there was nothing they could do for him. They were unable to refund the money because for this they would have to send back the MacBook, a MacBook that never came to them.

You can imagine my face when I opened the package and saw the dog food instead of a MacBook Pro that cost me over £1000.


Received dog food instead of a MacBook over 1,000 euros

Dog food for 10 euros instead of over 1,000 MacBooks

The story took place in England. Alan Wood, 61, from Derbyshire, spent there £1,200 on a MacBook Pro for daughter on Amazon, but instead bought two packs of Pedigree Chum. Alan was quite surprised, saying that he has been an Amazon customer for twenty years and has never had a problem before.

However, he realized that it was a simple confusion. So she contacted Amazon support to get her money back or send her the MacBook Pro she bought. But his surprise was even greater. They told him it wouldn’t be possible..

At first I was sure the mess could be resolved but after speaking to Amazon customer service they said they would not be able to help me if I did not return the laptop which I never received even when I sent the dog food back to the warehouse, nothing changed.

Of course, this is a complex situation and Alan explained that it was quite stressful.having to talk to several people and not getting any solution.

However, a amazon spokesperson He explained that they were in direct contact with Alan. has been apologized for the inconvenience and said Amazon will refund your full money. We’ll see if Alan trusts the platform again.

Such errors you never know if they are intentional. The truth is, a MacBook box with two cans of dog food and all its accessories could weigh a similar amount, so someone may have replaced it. Although there is always such an option a simple mistake in warehouse or on delivery. Or maybe there is someone who ordered a dog food and bought a MacBook Pro and said nothing.

Source: i Padizate

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