In Russia, there are not enough spare parts for Samsung and Huawei smartphones, Izvestia was told by authorized service centers (ASC) of the companies.

In the Moscow ASC Huawei on Sukharevskaya, all details were transferred only on order. Screens and batteries are not available. The same situation is in the Huawei ASC in Ryazan and Kaluga. The waiting period is at least a week.

A similar problem is observed in Samsung service centers. Your Mobile Service (Samsung’s ASC) revealed that the battery for the Galaxy S21 Ultra is in stock, but the exterior is only available in silver.

The Svyaznoy Service company stated that there is no battery and screen on a specific model. Details average only under the order. Waiting time is about a week.

The Samsung ASC in St. Petersburg said that the batteries are not available, the display is only in one service center.

The source of the publication said that Samsung continues to supply spare parts, but due to problems in logistics, their delivery time has increased. [Известия]

Source: Iphones RU

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