About a year ago, I became an active user of this company’s G80 upright vacuum, but only for dry cleaning. Such a vacuum cleaner has become a godsend for me in the field, when a lot of sand and other debris is applied to the house in one day, which seems not to be noticed immediately, but when you go through the vacuum cleaner, it always picks up a lot of all kinds of garbage. Recently, a new model F100 with wet cleaning has been launched. I don’t really trust washing vacuum cleaners, be it a robot or an upright, but based on the rave reviews on the internet, I decided to check out what the new product is like, whether progress has moved, so to speak.

The box is a decent size and weight, but the vacuum cleaner weighs 4.1 kg, which is about 2 times the weight of a dry vacuum cleaner.

delivery content

The delivery set is not very rich in terms of spare consumables. Vacuum, tray (also known as vacuum floor stand), removable handle, brush to clean the container, charger, instructions and warranty card. There is also a fine brush to clean the HEPA filter.

Scope of supply Easine F100

More about the set. Handle with wires inside. There are 2 buttons. The first is responsible for turning on and has an indicator, the second changes the working power modes (ECO and MAX).

Vacuum cleaner handle with control buttons

The handle also has a water supply trigger on the back. It is located exactly under the finger. To deliver water, you must hold down the trigger. The roller gets wet and performs a wet cleaning, in very dirty places it is better to add plenty of water by pressing this button.

water trigger

Detailed instructions in Russian and warranty card. In Russia there is an official representative office of the company, and therefore there is an official guarantee for the vacuum cleaner. Consumables can be purchased separately in the official store of the same Aliexpress.

Instructions and warranty card.

Charging unit – 27V 0.8A. The vacuum cleaner has a useful self-cleaning function, but it only works when the vacuum cleaner is on the base and the base is connected to the network, which, in my opinion, is not very convenient (it is necessary to constantly keep the vacuum cleaner on the network (well, or plug it in for self-cleaning. Most likely done to save money on batteries since self-cleaning would eat up a decent chunk of battery.)

27V power supply

Charging station, also serves to store the vacuum cleaner in an upright position and for self-cleaning. After self-cleaning, it is recommended to dry the roller in a special round section of the station. There is also a second rectangular compartment to store the filter and brushes.

Charging station, it is also a self-cleaning station

The appearance of the body of the vacuum cleaner without the handle. Above is a container with clean water, below is a garbage collector, which also collects liquid. At the top is a washable HEPA filter that collects fine dust, hair, etc. The lower brush is foldable. The roller is washable.

vacuum cleaner body


  • Name: iLife F100 Easy

  • Battery capacity: 3000mAh

  • Rated Power: 150W

  • Rated voltage: 100-240V, 50/60Hz

  • Pure water tank capacity: 600ml

  • Dirty water tank capacity: 500ml

  • Size: 1170 x 280 x 250mm

  • Net weight: 4.2kg

Close-up of the roller. White hair is the softest. The blue pile is a bit tougher (for debris like sand and whatnot). There are also red fur inserts (or rather, something similar to a fishing line), which is used to collect wool and fur.

Roller-brush with three types of hair by hardness

The brush has 2 nozzles for water supply. Without pressing the button on the handle, no water is supplied, and the vacuum cleaner performs dry cleaning. The vacuum cleaner can be used to collect spilled liquid; will fall into the dirty water container. There are also 2 contacts on the dirty water container that monitor its level and turn off the vacuum when it overflows.

2 nozzles for the supply of clean water from the container to the roller

Clean water container. Volume 600ml. It is used to moisten the roller while pressing the button on the handle and during self-cleaning. There is a tight cover. At the junction of the container and the body of the vacuum cleaner there is a rubber seal for tightness.

Waste water container disassembled. Bottom trash can. There is a HEPA filter on top, which is washable by the way. It is covered with mesh to protect against hair and wool. Inside the container, 2 contacts are lowered to control the degree of filling.

dirty water container

Control Panel

The screen of the vacuum cleaner. The screen flips to the front when charging. During operation, the screen is upside down for us, but during cleaning, few people look at it. Battery charge is displayed with a multicolored outline backlight and stands out nicely. On the screen there are power indicators (ECO, MAX), cleaning time, risk level, full container indicator and water availability indicator.

Full power mode (30 minutes of operation)
ECO mode (allows you to clean about 200 square meters – about 45 minutes of work)

We collect water and prepare for cleaning. I usually do a quick vacuum once every other day and clean the floor once a week thoroughly (sometimes less often). The water container is sealed, even if it is shaken, not a drop will fall out. But when it is placed in a vacuum cleaner and the bottom supply hole is opened, the water can spill out a little (all this is not critical and we are talking about a couple of drops in the case). I usually add a detergent for the laminate.

water container

Easy to use

Although the vacuum cleaner has a decent weight, it is only felt when you put it on or take it off the base. On the ground, it goes on wheels and the weight is not felt, although it is during active maneuvers (under the table, for example). Anyway, the G80 vac (dry clean only) seems super light after the F100. From the interesting thing: it may seem strange at once that you need to hold down the water supply button, but then you realize that it is even easier, less excess water on the floor.

The vacuum doesn’t feel as heavy when it’s on the floor – the wheels do their job

Room cleaning

Wet cleaning is done by pressing the water supply button and moving the vacuum around the room. At the same time, there is not much water left, as long as you do not hold the button for a long time, keeping the vacuum cleaner in one place. Where the light falls, you can see that there are small drops, which dry very quickly.

Dirt and residue in the form of ketchup, milk and dill disappear as soon as they are applied. I won’t wait for the ketchup to dry, that’s why they hit me on the hands… or they hit me. Seriously, not a single vacuum cleaner can clean a dry spot at a time: you have to take a rag, wet it and rub the floor with your hands.

We translate products

After cleaning, we check the condition of the components. We’ll clean up a bit later. The red spots on the rolling pin point to the tomato sauce. Dill, oddly enough, I did not see in the brush.

The dumpster is a white mix with pile, dill, hair, and other good stuff. Immediately everything goes into the toilet, and the flask under the water tap becomes like new.

The HEPA filter mesh collects dust, hair and skin. The HEPA filter suffers from wool and mechanical debris, so a mesh is needed here. HEPA itself is washable, but you should not wash it more than once every 3-4 months (if there are no cats, dogs).

video demo

self-cleaning vacuum cleaner

I liked this feature better. It greatly simplifies life and allows you to disassemble the vacuum cleaner for less frequent cleaning. Its meaning is in the rapid rotation of the brush in the pan and an abundant supply of water. The mode works only when the station is connected to the network (makes sense, since I wouldn’t want to waste the vacuum’s charge on self-cleaning). The roller is immediately clean, but I wouldn’t say everything is 100% clean. You can still find residue on the vacuum nozzle and in the corners of the brush, so you can definitely wash everything better with your hands under the spray.

voice notification

EASINE F100 has a built-in voice assistant. Informs about the need to load, the end of the load, the filling of the tanks, the appearance of errors, etc. The notification language is only English and to be honest I don’t usually see any benefit in this next “Alice” or whatever. All indicators are on the screen and much more convenient than a vacuum cleaner talking to someone who is not ours. Maybe someone will find the feature useful, but I disabled it. To do this, there is a button on the back of the vacuum cleaner.


The model is interesting, there is a self-cleaning function that allows you to clean the vacuum cleaner once a week, and not after each cleaning. There is a voice notification, but, as for me, without the Russian language, this is not a very useful function. 30 minutes of cleaning in the maximum mode is more than enough for a one-story house of 100 square meters. In general, the model is interesting, but without a strong wow effect. For my part, I decided to wait with a wash vacuum for now and continue to use the G80 model for dry cleaning and the normal Xiaomi mop for wet cleaning once a week. For an area of ​​​​up to 50 squares, I would not recommend considering such models, although they all have different capabilities and tasks.

You can buy here: EASINE-F100

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