The answer to this question is very simple: Salt water is not “removed” by our kidneys. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, about 3.5% of seawater’s weight is dissolved salt. If you take all the salt from the oceans and distribute it all over the earth, the layer rises to a height of more than 166 meters.

Scientists explained that in most animals, the kidneys filter impurities from the water. When a person drinks salt water, they swallow too much salt, which the body now needs to get rid of somehow. But the kidneys can only produce urine that is less salty than our blood, and salt water contains more than three times the amount of salt normally found in human blood. This means that for every glass of salt water you drink, you need to consume at least the same amount of fresh water for your kidneys to remove all the salt.

Source: Ferra

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