HE GoogleTV testing a tool that will allow automatically sign in to apps and streaming services previously connected, a new one smart tv or dongle Equipped with operating system. Discovered by innovation 9to5Google and reported last Thursday (30).

According to the post, the functionality is present in the latest update of the beta version of the platform app and promises to make setup of new devices easier. Currently, the user can sign in to Google Nest Hub and various streaming services to play music and other content on compatible devices. Google Assistant.

The same linked services are used by the TV operating system to display recommendations on what to watch, prioritizing the attractions of subscribed platforms. However, when configuring a new device, you must provide your access credentials for each of the services used; this is a huge task for those who have a large number of applications.

Big tech considering optimizing the process is testing changes in this method. Instead of using the information stored in the virtual assistant, Google TV uses data from the apps on your phone, tablet or other TV to automatically download and sign in to apps when a new TV or dongle is installed.

When will it be available?

HE Automatic login to apps and streaming services subscribed to Google TVassociated with the user’s account, available at: OS app beta version 1.0.4508was recently launched by the search giant. According to the website, the tool is currently being tested along with other new features.

Therefore, it is not yet possible to know when it was made. Google It will make the feature available to all users, but it is believed that the functionality should be enabled soon in the stable version of the platform.

Source: Tec Mundo

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